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my tits may not be the roundest, my stomach not the flattest, my ass not the firmest but god dammit i am a babe.


July 26, 2014 - How does a Toronto Maple #Leafs fan express decades of frustration and heartbreak but still remain loyal to the team he loves? Find out here RIP: (LINK) ~ http://bit.ly/UBxiqe

sid after scoring his 250th nhl goal.

Why did hipster hockey team drown before their first match? Because they went to the ice before it was cool. – Ladies and getlemen, Jaroslav Janus and his jokes (via bottass)

hey guys! I know I’m not on much anymore - and I can make up a thousand excuses as for why I’m not on here as frequently as I was - but I just wanted to pop by and say hello! :) and of course with saying hello I wanted to share with you guys something I’m very passionate about!

a few of you may have noticed that I love cats (my own in particular) and like to educate myself on a lot of cat-related things going on. since I love cats of all different sizes I followed these amazing people on vine who work for a Big Cat animal rescue based out of a farm in Texas! they post phenomenal videos of their expanding varieties of cats! it was through them that I discovered an organization that goes by the name of The Paw Project!

The Paw Project is about protecting Big Cats and Domestic cats that suffer from being declawed. they made a documentary which showed how many cats (of all sizes) suffer from not just physical trauma from being declawed, but emotional trauma as well! it was really heartbreaking and emotional because it shows you how cats are really exquisite creatures and have specific needs too.

If you have Netflix you can watch it there, and I’m sure you can find it for free on the internet somewhere too! but go to ThePawProject.com and read about how much they’ve achieved since 2003!

if you’re like me and are an animal lover then I suggest telling some people you know love animals too, and possibly get them to donate!

I really do hope some of you check out the documentary and support the cause for what it’s worth!

thank you if you do give it some thought, because there are about 80 million cats in America that will thank you for saving their lives! :)

are you a hockey blog?


hi guys :) I have this near impossible ridiculous idea & it involves me following as many hockey blogs as possible so if youre a hockey blog (meaning 85%+ of your posts are hockey-related) then pleeeease reblog/like this & I will follow you! no matter what teams you post about, i will follow each and every single one of you, no exaggeration at all! (i will be able to follow everyone quicker & more effectively if u like & reblog)


The difference between period pains and getting kicked in the balls is that one is a compulsory monthly event and the other one is probably because you were being a dick.

Anonymous said:
do you think that anyone in the NHL is a virgin?




tyler seguin

No, he slept with one of his teammates’ wives

do you really think i thought tyler seguin was a virgin

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